Magna Carta Holy Grail: Jay-Z's New Album Coming to Galaxy Phones


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Since making a name for himself in rap, Jay-Z has gone on to become one of the most successful entertainers in history, making millions as a producer, investor, and, most recently, a sports agent. That doesn't mean he's given up on his musical aspirations, however.

Jay-Z this week announced his latest album, titled Magna Carta Holy Grail. The rap star revealed the release date of the album in a post to his Twitter account:

That isn't quite the whole story, though.

Jay-Z has partnered with Samsung to offer the album for free to owners of Samsung's Galaxy smartphones. A mobile app will be released in the Google Play store on June 24th. The first million Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II users to download the app will receive Magna Carta Holy Grail for free on July 4th. The album's worldwide release date is July 7th.