Madeleine McCann: New Theory Linked to Thefts

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Six years after Madeleine McCann went missing in Praia de Luz, Portugal, Scotland Yard has a new theory, according to the Daily Mail. They now think that Madeleine may have been taken after disturbing burglars at The Ocean Club, where they were staying. They have a theory that her disappearance could be connected to a series of thefts at The Ocean Club and elsewhere around Praia de Luz.

Therefore, Scotland Yard said they would like to hear from anyone that was on vacation and was burgled around Praia de Luz prior to Madeleine's disappearance. Any information would be helpful to the investigation into who took Madeleine.

Detectives have also been collecting an extensive list of phone records for calls made and received in the area, in order to be able to tell who was around. As detectives continue to pour over these phone records, Scotland Yard has said anyone that was around Praia de Luz on May 3, 2007 could receive a phone call from them. From this new line of investigation, that has gone on for two years, came the information about the break-ins and also began the phone record blitz. The new inquiry has yielded 41 new "people of interest".

Because of these new findings, the Kate and Gerry McCann are going on T.V. with the new information to make another plea to the public for help in finding Madeleine. The McCanns will appear live in the studio during an episode of BBC Crimewatch on Monday next week, which will also feature a reconstruction. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, of the Metropolitan Police, described the program’s content as "substantially different. It’s not just a bland ‘can you help us’ appeal, there is some different material and a different understanding to be presented," he said.

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