Maddie Ziegler Shines In Sia's Chandelier Video

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If you have ever seen an episode of Dance Moms, you probably noticed the impressive little dancer, Maddie Ziegler. At only 11 years old Maddie has won numerous dance titles and is an amazingly mature dancer.

Maddie has made it clear on the show that she plans to be a star someday, and her recent appearance in Sia's new music video for her single "Chandelier," has gotten her one step closer to her dream.

Sia’s song is about being abandoned as a child and Maddie dances throughout the entire video, expressing through her dance the many emotions that an abandoned child goes through.

In the video, Maddie wears a plain leotard and a short, blonde wig that almost makes her unrecognizable. Her dance moves and facial expressions however, make her easy to identify.

Maddie has gotten a huge amount of positive feedback about the video and it has been shared thousands of time on Twitter and Facebook..

@NayaRivera @Sia Omgthank you so much this made my day!

— MaddieZiegler (@maddieziegler) May 7, 2014

Stop whatever you're doing and watch the #video to @Sia's superhit'Chandelier' w/@maddieziegler now! Thank us later!

— Sony Music In (@SonyMusicIn) May 7, 2014

Very proud of this video and @maddieziegler !! CHANDELIER! Official video, HERE!

— siafurler(@Sia) May 6, 2014

MUST WATCH! This @sia video is EVERYTHING! Been in awe of @maddieziegler for years! I feel like a proud #DanceMom !

— Lance Bass (@LanceBass) May 9, 2014

this video is unreal: congrats to @sia + @maddieziegler!!!! wow!

— christinaperri(@christinaperri) May 7, 2014

Maddie competes with the Abbie Lee Dance company and has been dancing since she was 2. She has modeled for several dance clothing lines, appeared in a commercial for Sketchers and had a role as 'Young Deb' on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva. Maddie is no doubt talented, and the video was a chance for her to show off her talents in a new way.

What do you think of Maddie's dancing in the video?

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