Madden 2013 Will Include Tebowing

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For those of you who were hoping to some genuflection in the yearly update of EA's Madden football franchise, you're prayers have been answered. Madden 13 will indeed include the "Tebowing" celebration. That's right, after scoring that game-winning touchdown against your buddy, who couldn't take advantage of 3 and half quarters of inept football, you'll be able to drop to a knee and thank the heavens for your athletic success.

We were informed of this particular inclusion courtesy of Michael Young, the creative director for the Madden franchise, via his Twitter page:


There are some unknowns, however. Will "Tebowing" be a celebration only Tim Tebow can do, or will every player have access to it? I'm also curious about Tebow's upcoming Madden rating. Considering he only completed 46.5% of his passes last season, his passer rating should not be all that high. That being said, Tebow's 2012 ratings do not reflect his passing inaccuracy. With that in mind, his 2013 passer rating will, in all likelihood, remain more favorable than it probably should be.

A post about "Tebowing" wouldn't be complete without a couple of examples of how far the celebration went into everyday society:

Tebowing Pretzel

Lindsey Vonn Tebowing

Soon, you, too, will be able to Tebow with all your might--provided you bench Mark Sanchez.

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