Mad Men: Latest Episode Has Fans Flocking To Twitter

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Mad Men is almost at the end of its penultimate season. There's only one episode left and fans are wondering what will happen.

In the past season, fans have been subjected to a number of major events that have left little to the imagination. We now know (spoilers ahead) that Bob Benson is gay (and might be a spy), Megan Draper is not dead, and that she won't be dying anytime soon. So, what's left for the finale? The thing is - nobody really knows.

The New York Times' recently spoke about the new episode and said there's "not one big plot point left to be resolved." The Times' Logan Hill does expect something surprising from the finale though. He says that he expects the engagement between Don and Megan in the season four finale will become undone in the season six finale.

Hill's prediction may not happen, but the season finale will have to set up the seventh and final season of Mad Men. It has to be something that will make viewers want to tune in when the seventh season starts without revealing all the mysteries that will undoubtedly be revealed in season seven.

Fans took to Twitter to talk about Sunday's episode and what they expect to see next Sunday:

[h/t: Atlantic Wire]

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