Mad Men and Game of Thrones Battle For Sunday Night Boozing Supremacy

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Does anybody else feel certain cravings while watching particular TV shows?

Wait, does that sound weird? Let me elaborate.

Every time I would watch The Sopranos, I'd want a cigarette. Watching Lost always made me thirsty for a giant glass of water. And whenever I sat down to watch Weeds, well, you know.

Since 2007, AMC's Mad Men has been the unchallenged leader in on-screen vices. Copious amounts of boozing, chain smoking, infidelity, and even some recreational drug use. If you can sit through an episode of Mad Men without pouring yourself a glass of bourbon, power to you my friend.

But in the last year, Mad Men has seen a challenger in the realm of imbibing. HBO's Game of Thrones has come along and put a goblet of wine in nearly every character's hand at any given moment. I don't think I've seen Tyrion Lannister in a scene without an adult accompaniment. Have you?

While that might be a bit of an exaggeration, the people of Westeros sure do love their drink. But do they love it more than the senses-dulling figures of the 1960's New York ad scene? The folks over at Vulture have compiled a drink off - every instance of alcohol consumption from the first few episodes of each show's new season. Before you watch it, take your guess. Which cast is hitting the sauce the hardest?

Surprised? It looks like our champion remains undefeated. While the people of Mad Men have noticeably cut back on the Lucky Strikes, the fifth season shows no sign of cutting back on the booze.

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