Mad Men 8-bit Game Lets You Choose Your Own Adventure

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On Sunday, Mad Men returns to AMC's lineup after a very (extremely, painful, horrible, ridiculously) long hiatus. After the well publicized delay, we're almost ready to see what happens to Don, Betty, Roger, Peggy, and Joan. My guess is dapper dressing, booze swilling, and gender politics. Sounds like a fun season to me.

But of course, that's not until Sunday. And until then, you should probably stop what you're doing, pour a cocktail, and play the Mad Men 8-bit choose-your-own-adventure-game.

This one comes to you from The Fine Bros, makers of the equally awesome Saved by the Bell Interactive Game.

Play as Don Draper from Mad Men and help him complete all 3 tasks to save the company! There are 3 different endings based on the order you complete the tasks, we encourage you to play the game multiple times to see all possible endings. The game "knows" which order you picked! Technology at work, enjoy the game!

They warn that the game has too many videos (40+) to be fully experienced on a mobile device, so you should probably wait until you're in front of a desktop to play this one. And to pour that cocktail, naturally.

Something about the 60s and the 80s melds perfectly, don't you think? And seriously, that 8-bit version of the mad men theme song and intro is one of my favorite things I've seen on the internet in a good while. Did you find all of the endings? Let us know in the comments.

[h/t Uproxx]
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