MacBook Pro Retina Display Support Coming To OS X

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Did you see that Apple's new MacBook Pro is getting a retina display? The beautiful screen means that it will be able to display a max resolution of 2880 x 1800. To take advantage of that new display, software is going to have to be updated. Apple is doing just that.

As part of the company's WWDC keynote, Apple announced that Lion and Mountain Lion would both be updated to support the new retina display. Why Lion as well? Mountain Lion isn't launching until next month so the MacBook Pros that are shipping this month will still be running Lion. It's a nice gesture from Apple for those that don't want to upgrade to Mountain Lion just yet when it launches next month. I don't know why anybody would not, however, since the upgrade is only $19.99.

As for the applications that will take advantage of the new retina display, key Apple applications like Mail, Safari, Aperture, and Final Cut Pro will all take advantage of the technology. The company said that "Reading your mail is like reading fine print" and that "Surfing the Web can be like experiencing magazine-like quality."

Of course, first-party applications can only get a new retina display so far. What about third-party applications? The company confirmed that notable applications like PhotoShop and AutoCAD have been updated to take advantage of the new retina display. Appealing more to the interests of the common man, they also confirmed that Diablo III would be updated to take advantage of the new retina display.

A retina display for the MacBook Pro is a pretty big deal. It also means that the price for the MacBook Pro is going to be pretty big with Apple confirming that the base model will go for $2,199. With its specs and the retina display, it should be able to do just about anything.

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