MacBook Pro Getting An Update In April?

IT Management

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With all the rumors and excitement zipping around about Apple’s newest iOS devices, one can almost forget sometimes that they actually make computers, too. Part of this, of course, is Apple’s fault. When was the last time you saw them sending out invitations to a major press event to unveil the latest model of iMac?

And yet, while everyone is drooling over the latest iPad, Apple keeps right on making computers. Now it looks like their MacBook Pro line of laptops might be next in line for an update. A recent report today from DigiTimes, Apple is preparing to launch updates to the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros, with an update to the 17-inch model to come later. The new laptops are said to be thinner and lighter than their predecessors, but not quite in the range of the MacBook Air.

According to the report, Apple is planning to launch the updates in April. Initial shipments of the two models together are expected to be around 900,000 units.