Macaulay Culkin Has A Video Of Himself Eating Pizza

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You've all surely heard by now about Macaulay Culkin's Velvet Underground tribute band, "Pizza Underground." Strange, huh? To make things even weirder, there's now a four minute video on the Internet of Culkin sitting down at a table and eating a slice of pizza. That's it. There's occasional eye contact with the camera, but mostly it's Macaulay looking somber and eating large bites of a cheese slice (sans crust).

Confused? Many have speculated that it's a gag just to promote his Pizza tribute band, which it partially is, but it turns out it's also an homage to a 1981 video of Andy Warhol sitting at a table and eating a Burger King hamburger. Culkin sits similarly to Warhol, picking at his food and looking off into the distance in the same way. And - the spookiest similarity of all - both videos clock in at exactly 4 minutes and 28 seconds, with both Warhol and Culkin beginning to eat right at 40 seconds.

It all seems to make sense, as most of the band's artwork is inspired by Warhol, which you can view on their official tumblr page. Which is appropriate, given that The Velvet Underground was also largely influenced by the late artist.

The New York City-based band obviously isn't very concerned with taking themselves seriously, even now that the band has gained notoriety by inviting Culkin. "He's amused by it, as we all are," lead vocalist Pheobe Kreutz told Vulture earlier this month. "I don't think it was anything any of us were looking for, and none of us know how long it will last or when we'll feel like it's over. I think we're sort of waiting for the universe to let us know what to do."

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