Lunar Orbit Trip For You To Cost $100 Million

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SInce the dawn of human space flight, I would highly doubt that there is a single human that hasn't at least once in their life looked at the moon and thought, "I'd love to go there." With new advances in technology and the recent bonanza of private companies either launching stuff into space or planning permanent trips to Mars, it is now going to get easier and easier for anyone to live out those dreams.

The problem of inconvenience will disappear, but the high price will continue to be a problem. For years the Russians charged people $25 million to launch into low Earth orbit, recently it went up to $35 million. A company named Excalibur Almaz has announced that it is selling tickets to lunar orbit for the low rate of only $100 million! I understand that it is expensive, but for an upstart it really seems like they are just trying to fund their company that hasn't even had a single launch yet.

When will the launch happen? there is no info yet. As of right now, Excalibur Almaz isn't even doing flight tests of its capsule until next year. So I could see them being prepared to actually launch a human by 2015-2016.

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