Lunar Eclipse Gives A Full Blown Blood Moon (Photos)

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In one of the most spectacular astronomical events in years, the full lunar eclipse brought out the the experts, and the novices.

People gathered at spots they were certain to see this rare phenomenon and took their share of photos to prove they were there to capture the "blood moon."

Although they aren't NASA quality, there are actually some awesome photos circling on social media sites, and from places all over the U.S. - taken with iPhones, iPads, Galaxies and actual digital cameras.

It started around 11 pm PT, when the moon looked as if a bite had been taken out of it - and as the Earth blocked the sun, Mr. Moon took on an eerie reddish shadow.

What made this one so rare is that this time there will be four total eclipses in a row… known as a tetrad. All of them will be visible from North America. The April eclipse is the start of this tetrad – with the others following on October 8, 2014, April 4th and September 28, 2015.

The eclipse was simply amazing for all who had the opportunity to view it. If you missed it, no worries, another one comes around this year in October.

Image via NASA

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