LulzSec Hacker Responsible For Sony Hack Gets A Year In Prison

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In 2011, LulzSec was a name that everybody knew. They were the hacking group behind the PlayStation Network hack of 2011 that brought the service down for more than a month. They were also responsible for a number of other attacks on companies over the course of a few months.

Since then, the members of LulzSec have been rounded up and taken to trial. The latest trial saw Cody Kretsinger, known as "Recursion" in online circles, sentenced to a year in prison. He was convicted on one count of conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer. After his year in prison, he will remain under home detention.

You may be thinking that Kretsinger's sentence is a little light. He was able to get his sentence down to a year thanks to a plea bargain he made last year with federal prosecutors. As part of that plea bargain, he admitted to hacking into a Sony Pictures' database and sharing the information with other members of LulzSec.

Home detention won't be the only thing that Kretsigner has to look forward to after his stint in prison either. The U.S. district judge ordered him to complete 1,000 hours of community service. Maybe he can help clean up Sony Pictures' studios in Los Angeles to help make up the $600,000 in damages that federal prosecutors say he caused the studio.

Kretsinger is one of the last original LulzSec members to be sentenced for their hacking spree in 2011. The hacker collective fell apart last year when its leader, known as Sabu, went rogue and started working with the FBI as an informant. There have been attempts to resurrect the group since then, but nothing has come of it.

[h/t: Reuters]

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