Luis Suárez: Will Liverpool FC Dump Their Star Player?

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Liverpool FC is a club that is no stranger to controversy.

The Liverpool club has fought for decades to have the truth of the painful Hillsborough disaster brought to light.

Meanwhile the Heysel Stadium disaster, which saw 39 people killed thanks in large part to Liverpool hooligans, is a shameful mark on the club's history that is rarely discussed.

In recent years the controversy found at Liverpool FC is thanks in large part to one player: Luis Suárez.

Suárez was by all accounts a troublemaker before he actually arrived at Liverpool.

When the club bought him from Ajax, he was serving a ban...for biting.

If football fans weren’t aware of that scandal, they likely were aware of the Uruguayan's blatant handball during the Uruguay vs. Ghana match at the 2010 World Cup.

Suárez lucked out in that situation.

Ghana failed to score the penalty. The Ghanaians then lost to the Uruguayans during the subsequent penalty shoot out.

Still, Ghanaians and those supporting that team continue to blame Suárez to this day for their failure to advance.

Suárez’s first full season at Liverpool was marred by a racial abuse incident, which saw him once more fined and banned from playing.

Towards the end of the 2012-13 season Suárez was once again banned, and once more it was for biting an opponent. During the summer break that followed, the controversial athlete began to make his dissatisfaction known in the press as well as his openness towards moving away from the club that had supported him in the past.

Words were exchanged behind closed doors and Suárez was humbled. What followed was a remarkable season for Liverpool FC and by all accounts Suárez seemed to have turned himself around at long last.

Then came the 2014 World Cup and yet another Suárez-related controversy that will impact Liverpool’s upcoming season. The four month football ban ruling by FIFA means that Suarez will not be available to LFC until November.

Moreover, the global controversy and the negative attention it brings to Liverpool FC is no doubt wearing on the club's patience. It could finally be the last straw that gets the star player booted from England.

Rumor has it that the Liverpool club are considering a sale to Spain's FC Barcelona. It may quite possibly involve a direct exchange for Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez.

It can’t be said that Liverpool FC hasn’t stood by Suarez, even at the erosion of the club’s reputation. So if he is sold despite his outstanding performances in seasons past, it will be entirely his own doing.

Liverpool FC isn’t afraid of controversies.

It has survived them and will continue to do so. However, sometimes one man's demons can be too much, even for a club as old and storied as Liverpool FC.

Suárez's luck might have finally run out.

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