Luis Suarez Football Ban: Why It Will Solve Nothing

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We all knew that a lengthy ban was coming for Uruguayan football player Luis Suarez.

One doesn't take a chunk out of three different players and walk away without a serious punishment.

Already there is a great deal of controversy over FIFA's decision.

Firstly, this is a ban from all football activities over a period of four months. Suarez will be out of the World Cup, that's a given.

Depending on how many more matches Uruguay survives, he may ultimately only be banned from the national team for a handful of games.

Despite this action occurring with his international team, his current club Liverpool FC will be the ones bearing the brunt of the misfortune following the ruling.

FIFA's punishment means that Suarez will miss nine league games, three Champions League games, and one domestic cup competition.

As Luis Suarez is far and away the best striker for LFC, the club will no doubt be feeling like the ones hit hardest by a ban over an incident that did not occur during the English Premier League football season.

Perhaps worst of all....this ban will change nothing with regard to Suarez's bizarre and problematic behavior.

The reason is that it's clear that there's something else going on in the mind of the controversial football player.

How does one bite three different players?

How does one commit offensive and unsportsmanlike acts against others and then behave as if he is the victim?

And most puzzling of all...why are so many people willing to defend and excuse those behaviors?

It's clear that bans and shaming aren't helping Suarez. It's also clear that so long as his club (during the racism scandal) and country (during his most recent scandal) enable and excuse the behavior, it will only continue...if not grow worse.

What Luis Suarez needs is comprehensive behavioral therapy.

Only by dealing with the root cause of his behaviors (and taking him out of an element filled with enablers) can any long-term changes truly be anticipated.

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