Luis Suarez Ends England's World Cup Dreams


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They should have known better.

Roughly half of the men on England's squad play with Luis Suarez in the Barclay Premier League team Liverpool FC. The rest of them have played against him at some point.

In fact, it's fair to say that English players have more experience watching the Uruguayan magician at work than any other national team in the world. Aside from Uruguay.

So it boggles the mind that he was left alone and unmarked.

A moment of distraction was all the 27-year-old striker needed to dash past a flustered English defense and score his second goal of the night.

Just like that it was 2-1.

And just like that...England was finished.

Suarez scored both of Uruguay's goals, the first came in the 39th minute via a brilliant header.

England struggled valiantly through the game, as they had against Italy, seeing moments of near brilliance that failed to come to fruition.

England's Wayne Rooney managed to score at the 75th minute, making it a 1-1 game.

It was Rooney's first World Cup goal. The goal probably flattered his performance over England's two games more than he deserved. Prior to the tap-in, Rooney was found wanting in front of goal.

Unfortunately for England, they didn't stay level with Uruguay for long. A defensive lapse in concentration by Phil Jagielka allowed Luis Suarez to be perfectly situated for a one-on-one that Joe Hart had no hope of countering.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the Luis Suarez-inspired win is that he's not 100% fit. Suarez suffered an injury that required surgery a month ahead of his trip to Brazil. He was rested against Costa Rica and perhaps Uruguay suffered the consequences.

As for England, they desperately need Italy to defeat both Costa Rica and Uruguay. If England is able to beat Costa Rica, it could come down to goal difference. England will have to score quite a few goals. Their previous performances do not suggest that this is possible.

All signs point to an early exit for the English national team, courtesy of Luis Suarez.

Image via Fox Soccer, Twitter