Lucy Hale Chopped Her Hair Off Into An Adorable Bob, Talks "Jaded" PLL Characters

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Lucy Hale is rocking super short hair this month, and she shared a photo on Instagram that highlights the sweet bob as well as several of her co-stars.

Hale often changes up her look when it comes to hair styles, but she rarely ventures away from her signature chestnut color. However, she mentioned in a recent interview with mark.girl that she may be looking for a new shade.

"We wrapped season 5 of PLL and I was like, I've gotta do something drastic," Hale said of chopping off her hair. "I think next will be like, a hair color situation."

Hale--who, along with her co-stars, is a style icon among the younger generation--says her stylists have helped her break away from her comfort zone and try new things, such as orange lipstick and blue eyeliner for a recent photo shoot.

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Hale and several of her Pretty Little Liars co-stars sat down for interviews for the season five DVD and gave their insights as to how their characters have changed since season one. Hale says she feels like they've all been through so much that they had to grow up faster than normal.

"I feel like they're a little jaded toward life because they've had to experience so much, and they've had to grow up so quickly," Lucy said.

Tuesday night's season six premiere found the girls--Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Mona--where the last season left off: stuck inside a pen of A's making, dressed like beautiful dolls. Executive producer I. Marlene King said that the episode was heavily influenced by another creepy show.

"Last season's finale and this season's premiere episodes were heavily influenced by the TV show The Twilight Zone. They had a lot of creepy dolls in that show! ..."A" has literally fenced in his dolls," King said.

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