Lucille Bliss Dies at 96, Voice of Smurfette

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I remember while I was growing up, I used to watched The Smurfs reruns on the television before I left for school. These blue creatures were pretty cool; however, there was only one woman within the Smurf population that held her own named Smurfette. Unfortunately, Lucille Bliss, the lady responsible for Smurfette's voice, passed away last Thursday.

Prior to her success with The Smurfs, Bliss landed a role in the Disney classic Cinderella (1950) as the voice of Anastasia Tremaine. Bliss later then starred as "Auntie Lou" on ABC's The Happy Birthday To You Show, which she kept until 1957. Another big role that Bliss was involved with during this time was the voice Crusader Rabbit on the show of the same name.

Bliss later landed the voice role of Smurfette during the full duration of The Smurfs in 1980 and kept the role until the final episode of the show in 1989.

Some of Bliss' most recent work involves small roles, such as "Shaden" in the Battlestar Galactica video game (2003), Yagoda in Avatar: The Last Airbender (2004), and Santa's Elf in Unwrap An Expletive (2012).

On November 8th of 2012, Lucille Bliss passed away at the age of 96 due to natural causes. Many fans of Bliss' talented work have left their respects via Twitter.

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