Lucha VaVoom: Los Angeles Mexican Wrestling With Burlesque Striptease


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Is it a circus? A wrestling match? A stripper show? A comedy act? A better version of Cirque du Soleil?

Whatever it is, Lucha VaVoom has a following like no other from the public and celebrities.

Eric Idle of Monty Python told the Associated Press, "There's no show that's funnier, sillier or more entertaining than this one." He's not the only one who loves it. Elementary school teacher Adalid Sanchez waited in line for an hour to see thier show. "I've been a wrestling fan, big-time, since the days of Hulk Hogan, but when I saw this — there's nothing like this," he said.

We know it was born from a movie and since has become a traveling stage show, but it's still hard to define what to expect from this mayhem.

The kindly folks at Lucha VaVoom have shared with us their answer to the question: "What is Lucha VaVoom?"

In short, "THIS is Lucha VaVOOM!!"

Their official website has a much less succinct description: "Lucha VaVOOM is a non-stop, action-packed scream-a-thon, where Mexican Masked wrestlers flip and fly, performing breathtaking acrobatic feats. It’s good vs. evil played out in a one fall, Lucha Libre exhibition-style match for maximum enjoyment." But that's not all, they like "a little sexo with our violencia", bringing in Burlesque acts in between the matches:

For Cinco de Mayo, the company held its annual Cinco de Mayan event at the Mayan theater in Downtown Los Angeles Friday, according to LA Weekly. Lucha VaVoom headed east to Chicago for its Saturday night show.

No information has been posted yet on their website for subsequent shows if you missed these events. But don't worry, an act like this isn't going away any time soon.

Image via Lucha VaVoom, Facebook