Lowe's Wins Vine with 6-Second Home Improvement Vids

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Twitter's 6-second video app Vine is proving itself quite versatile. We've seen it used for promotion, politics, comedy, game teasers, short films, and even as a real-time news medium during the Boston Marathon bombings.

But with the help of their ad agency, New York's BBDO, Lowe's has embraced the new 6-second video medium in a totally unique way. The home improvement chain has turned the short videos into fast-paced but informative how-to videos concerning everything from removing a stripped screw with the help of a rubber band, to cleaning your rusty knives in a lemon juice bath.

"Historically the category can be thought of as incredibly complicated. We sell products but those products are components to a project, and a consumer needs all the information on how to complete the project," Tom Lamb, CMO at Lowe's told AdAge. "What consumer behavior is forcing us to do is learn to be incredibly concise. We're making an effort to demonstrate that we know a little bit, so [consumers think] it's worth seeing what else we know on our site and in store."

Not only are they well-executed and informative, but it's a great way to not only provide an actual service, but to promote the brand and make something worth sharing too.

Here are some of Lowe's awesome home improvement Vines, aptly titled #lowesfixinsix:

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