Louis C.K. Gives Ticketmaster The Finger, Sells Tix Himself

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Comedian Louis C.K. is pretty well known for doing things however the hell he wants to do them, and when it comes to selling tickets to his stand-up shows, he's not just going to acquiesce to the man (i.e. Ticketmaster). He's going to sell them himself.

He did something similar with his comedy special "Live At The Beacon", selling downloads of the show for 5 bucks apiece. The idea was so popular--making a million dollars in about two weeks--that other comedians followed his lead, including Aziz Ansari.

C.K. insists that now that he's able to make a living doing what he loves, there's no point in overcharging his fans if its not necessary. He announced on Monday that he will offer tickets only through his website, louisck.net, to his upcoming October tour for a flat rate of $45.

Besides cultivating a hugely successful stand-up presence, the comedian has also found a hit in his FX show, "Louie", which is in turns odd, sad, hilarious, and insanely addictive. His observations on the people and world around him have hit home with a big fan base, who have all been clamoring for his presence on Twitter. He obliged, but only to insult them. That's why we love you, Louis.

The new season of "Louie" begins this Thursday on FX.

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