Louis C.K. Figures Out The True Purpose Of Twitter

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In the past, comedian Louis C.K. has been fairly up front concerning his opinions of Twitter - he doesn't really care for it. He once said that he "kinda hates" social media, in fact he "thinks it's awful." He has bemoaned the social media generation, saying that everyone nowadays has to live every moment through the social media lens - that we can't just experience anything anymore without posting a status about it.

Can't really argue with that.

Despite these feelings, Louis C.K. has maintained a presence on Twitter, and he has over 1.3 million followers. He's said before that he really only uses the service to get people to buy stuff, and apart from using Twitter to go on an amazingly funny rant about Sarah Palin or to defend fellow comedians when they're attacked by the PC police, that's pretty much the bulk of his tweets - a show annoucement here, a comedy special release there.

Now, apparently, he's decided on a new way to use Twitter. And it involves the merciless bashing of his followers.

That few minutes produced a few dozen responses, the best of which are displayed below (NSFW):













We just hop that Louis C.K. keeps using Twitter like this, which is exactly how it should be used.

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