Lotto Mistake: $14M Won on Accidental Ticket Purchase

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A woman who won $14 million in the California Lottery this week claims that she hadn't meant to purchase the ticket.

Thuan Le, a single mother of four, told lottery officials last week that she normally purchases $4 of Powerball tickets and $1 of SuperLotto Plus tickets on a regular basis. On May 1, however, Le accidentally put $6 into the self-serve lottery machine at her local CVS store. With the extra dollar she purchased an extra SuperLotto Plus ticket, which ended up being worth $14 million.

Le reportedly ran screaming from the store when she verified her ticket numbers had won. She immediately called her sons and traveled to the California Lotto's local district office to claim her $14 million prize. Le has stated that she plans to use the money to buy a house, travel, and visit her parents, who live in Vietnam.

“We thought she was joking, but we thought would she really joke like this?" said one of Le's sons. "My older brother said, ‘yes, she would’.”

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