Lost iPhone 5 Prototype Gets The Conan Treatment

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Earlier this month, we began hearing rumors that an Apple employee had misplaced an iPhone prototype in a San Francisco tequila bar back in July. The scenario seemed almost identical to what happened last year when another Apple employee lost the iPhone 4 prototype in a bar, leading to its acquisition by Gizmodo.

Since the initial rumors, the story has gone from suspicious to just plain strange, as the San Francisco Police Department came forward and claimed that they knew nothing about the lost iPhone. This contradicted the earlier story that SFPD officers had assisted Apple in a search of the suspected thief's home.

Now it's unclear who actually searched the man's home, looking for the lost prototype. The SFPD has apparently launched an internal investigation of the matter.

Anyways, the point is that there may be an iPhone 5 out there in the wild - probably cold, scared and alone. And Apple is willing to use extreme measures to bring it back safely.

Conan O'Brien details their strategy in this commercial. It shows that Apple isn't just developing the latest and greatest mobile technology or tablet devices, but something much more sinister - and it has to do with Ebola.

Check it out below -

This isn't the first time that Conan has seen fit to parody a recent Apple news story. Back in March he poked fun at the iPad 2 before it even hit stores and in June he skewered Apple's just-released Final Cut Pro X.

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