Lori Loughlin Talks Romance with John Stamos

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Everyone remembers the popular ABC sitcom “Full House” right? So, the jaw-dropping gorgeous bad boy “Uncle Jesse,” easily comes to mind. Jesse Katsopolis, portrayed by John Stamos, was the center of many “Full House” memories. But, Jesse's love affair with Loughlin's character, Rebecca Donaldson really sealed the deal. On the show, they dated, fell in love, married and had a set of adorable twin boys. Everybody loved “Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky.”

It was the perfect love story. Even 20 some odd years after the show, they still leaves fans with questions.

With their captivating on-screen chemistry, fans couldn't help but wonder was it just an impeccably natural act strictly for the show, or was it the real thing? When Stamos was asked of his sentiments towards Loughlin, he admitted that the two did, indeed, go out on a real date as teenagers. The 50-year-old actor also went so far as to confess that Loughlin could have been his “one that got away.”

So, now E! News has flipped the script, posing the same question to Loughlin. Unfortunately, fans are still left in suspense, because Loughlin strategically avoided answering the question! She's definitely no rookie when it comes to interviews!

E! went for the gusto, and asked her if she shared the same sentiments as Stamos. "Oh my goodness. Well, we'll never know, right," the now happily married actress told E! News at the opening of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. "I will always love John, always." There you have it! That's all the information she would divulge!
Loughlin was also asked if there was any hope or talks of any type of “Full House” reunion. With the high reunion anticipation that still lingers within the show's fan-base, its definitely a question every “Full House” fan wants to hear the answer to. Loughlin weighed in on the subject. "I don't think that there are any plans for a movie," Loughlin said. "If it were a really good script and a great project but sometimes I think that it's better off to leave those TV shows as they were and not do reunion shows."

Although, there isn't any talk of a reunion, the show still lives on, because re-runs are available forever.

Image via Twitter | Lori Loughlin

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