Look Where This Squirrel Is Hiding His Nuts

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Most of us are battling the insanity that Mother Nature is throwing our way right now, which takes a toll on the old brain after a while. The tension of driving on snow-slicked roads, the worries an ice storm can bring, dealing with no power, and cabin fever can all make us go a little mad in winter. That's not even to mention how crazy people can get at the grocery store while stocking up on the necessities before a big storm.

But we're not the only ones the weather affects; look at the animals around you next time you go outside. Are they running around like something possessed in the snowdrifts like my dog? Or are they hiding their food in another animal's fur? If you picked the second one, you probably live close to this squirrel, who chose the pelt of a Bernese mountain dog to hide his nuts in. Hate to break it to him, but the dog is totally on to him.

The video is actually from last year, but it's making rounds again and has gone viral, probably because we could all use a laugh while old Ma Nature dumps her revenge on us.

Image via YouTube

Amanda Crum
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