Lone Ranger’s Colt .45 Pistol Acquired By Wyoming Firearms Museum

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A Wyoming museum has acquired an old colt .45 pistol that belonged to John Hart. In 1952, Hart became the second actor to play the title role in the The Lone Ranger series . Hart replaced Clayton Moore for one season after Moore demanded a higher salary. The western-themed television show was considered the highest rated program on the ABC network in the 1950s. It ran for eight seasons from 1949 to 1957. Although Hart portrayed the role for only a short time, he made an appearance as the Lone Ranger in the series Happy Days when one of the characters met his childhood hero.

Hart, known for acting in western shows, had used different types of firearms in the course of his career, but the colt .45 stood out among the rest. The single-action revolver has an intricate vine and leaf design and an ivory grip with a buffalo skull that set it apart from other pistols and firearms, and many consider it a work of art.

The curator of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Cody Firearms Museum, Warren Newman, said that the pistol is beautiful and the detailed engraving makes it even more striking.

According to reports, the museum was able to get the pistol for $18,150 at an auction that was held in October. Newman did not confirm the price, but he said that they hope the pistol will be a popular item among their visitors.

Aside from the pistol, the museum also got their hands on a cookbook entitled Cowboys in the Kitchen that Hart authored in the 1990s. The cookbook consists of advice from Hart and stories from Hollywood. It even has a segment dedicated to “women and liquor.” There are also autographed pictures of Hart wearing his Lone Ranger costume. Hart died in 2009 when he was 91 years old.

Memorabilia for The Lone Ranger is on display in the museum's  “Hollywood Guns” section.

 Cody Firearms Museum

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