"London Has Fallen" Star Angela Bassett On Race In Hollywood

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London Has Fallen, the sequel to 2013's Olympus Has Fallen, helped to dethrone Deadpool over the weekend.

Meeting profit expectations, London has Fallen pulled in an estimated $21.7 million in ticket sales.

London Has Fallen stars Gerard Butler as a special agent trying to save the lives of world leaders in Britain. It also features Morgan Freeman, also reprising his Olympus role, and Angela Bassett as a serious secret service director who is fighting to survive a massive terror attack.

Angela Bassett sat down to talk with the Los Angeles Times about London Has Fallen, her children, and the race issues in Hollywood.

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When asked what London Has Fallen brings to the conversation about the state or the world, she said, "To me, it's just all about relationships and understanding humanity. This is really just entertainment. We're making an action thriller that we hope audiences will appreciate for just that."

She continued, "It's just the narrative of the good guy and the bad guy. What motivates you? Personal greed, revenge or altruistic endeavors? It's no ideology. It's not casting shade in anyone's political beliefs or religion. It's pure fun. I'm not a conspiracy sister over here."

The London Has Fallen star was also asked about the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that plagued this year's Academy Awards.

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She said, "It seems every February a question is asked: 'What do you think? How do you think it's changed?' Has it changed? It's a question that sometimes it just irks you because it comes down to race just making it so black and white when I'm trying to carve out a career that's based on talent."

She added, "I'm trying to express my humanity and my femaleness. I appreciate this broader dialogue is taking place. We have a very colorful, rich history in America about race, and it's a conversation that continues to need to be examined."

Have you seen London Has Fallen Yet? What did you think of Angela Bassett's performance?

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