Lohan Storage Locker Could Be Auctioned Off

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Lindsay Lohan, whose 2012 has been full of drama, arrests, and bad press, might have her possessions auctioned off soon if she can't find a way to pay the $16,000 bill on her storage locker.

Lohan's bank accounts were frozen by the IRS earlier this year for failure to pay taxes; it's reported that Charlie Sheen gave her $100,000 to help out, but she hasn't commented on whether she put that money towards her debt or not. Whatever she did with it, apparently she didn't pay off her bills, because the owners of her storage facility say they can't open her locker until she pays up, and if she doesn't do it soon, her belongings will be auctioned off.

Lohan has been ordered back to court in January, when she will learn her fate for lying to police about an accident earlier this year involving an 18-wheeler. Her probation has already been revoked, so she could be facing jail time.

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