LiveWorld Launches Facebook Forum 2.0 For Brands

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Social networking marketing firm LiveWorld has launched Facebook Forum 2.0, aimed at helping brands deepen their level of engagement with their fans.

WebProNews spoke to Peter Friedman, CEO and Chairman of LiveWorld about the launch of Facebook Forum 2.0.

Friedman said LiveWorld created Facebook Forum 2.0 in response to its clients wanting to achieve relationship engagement on Facebook. "Facebook represents a huge marketing opportunity for brands, but the typical implementations have fleeting promotional-like results, not the true engagement desired," Friedman said.

"Facebook Forums creates a genuine conversational dynamic among and with customers with it's structured layout, multiple topics, rich media, widgets to feature content, power moderation tools and more detailed reporting."


Facebook Forum works by sitting on a brand's apps tab. Features include direct linking to the user's Facebook profile, publishing a user's posts to the brand's Wall and publishing the user's posts to their Facebook Activity Feed, which is then shared with the user's friends, with links back to the brand's page.

Friedman said the main advantage of a brand using Facebook Forum is deeper customer engagement among and with customers due to the deeper conversational environment. Also, it provides the ability to create a positive experience for customers and a manageable page for the brand due to power moderation tools.

"Text-only posts that are in a long list format and random in their organization don't engage fans in conversations and don't give the brand a way to focus the discussion," said Friedman.

"LiveWorld's Facebook Forum solves this problem by bringing depth of engagement and moderation to a brand's page in ways that were previously unavailable on Facebook."