Liverpool F.C. Goes Top: Potential Title Contenders?

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If you go to the English Premier League website to view to current standings ahead of the Arsenal v Chelsea clash, you will see Liverpool at the top. If Arsenal fails to win at home, the club will stay there. Even now, it is an unreal sight for many who had counted out the football club due to its years of competitive decline. The Reds have managed to stay near the very top of the league table for practically all of the season so far. Liverpool stayed on the heels of the dominant Arsenal as other clubs fell behind. To everyone's surprise, this includes previous champions, Manchester United.

Both Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC have had new coaches come aboard, though Brendan Rodgers has had more time to settle at Anfield than David Moyes at Old Trafford. However, much of LFC's ongoing success has been credited to the club's current "talisman": Luis Suárez.

After leading the team to a decisive home victory over Cardiff City, Suárez has netted a total of 19 goals for the Reds so far this league season. He is the first player in Barclays Premier League history to score 10 goals in a single month. Stats like that draw major attention. Rather than risk losing Suárez to a winter window bid, the club has signed a lengthy new contract with the talented striker.


If Liverpool can keep up their current form, there is speculation that goes beyond whether or not they have what it takes to stay in the top four. Some are already whispering "league title", words that no one thought they'd hear back in August.

It's not a ridiculous possibility given the previous run of games. This includes a major upset away over Tottenham Hotspurs that saw Andre Villas-Boas lose his job. Thrashing a top four contender away from home sends a signal that Liverpool is serious about maintaining a strong position in the league. Will it be enough to grab the elusive league title? Nothing is certain, and there is still more than half a season to go.

Anything can and probably will happen.

Many have already pegged Manchester City as the team most likely to grasp the league this year as their local rivals United flounder in mid-table purgatory. Even Liverpool's Brendan Rodgers said as much when discussing the Reds' upcoming visit to City on Thursday.

"I still believe the title is Manchester City's to lose. They have the strongest squad. The resources they have are incredible."

Liverpool may very well be competing with City for the title at some point. But for now, fans can enjoy seeing their club in a table position that is virtually foreign considering the terrible luck of seasons past.

Image via Liverpool FC Twitter, Barclays Football Facebook

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