Live-Tweeted Birth: Company Loyalty on 1,000+

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First off, #gross.
Secondly, #kudos to a Twitter employee for taking her job more seriously than anyone else in the lunchroom. Beat that, Bob.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz aka @Claire began to have contractions and decided to show us all what over-sharing and company loyalty is all about.

She also gave Google a hefty shoutout, which may or may not be a good thing for the company. Either way, read along to see the progression of Googling-This-Strange-Wetness to how even a newborn now has more followers than you: (We suspect that some of the tweets littered with curse words, jibberish and rantings about the utter stupidity of her husband and nurses around her have been deleted for PR issues).



Hey, don't diss Husband for wanting a ukelele to be the first thing baby hears!

Baby's final say: "Meh."

Feel free to follow both Mom's account as well as the new baby Lucia's; the most recent pic of the baby girl shows her looking quite rebellious as she nonchalantly leans against the pillow grabbing her diaper. Brave and bold innovation--With antics like these, Twitter is probably never going to go the Myspace Bye Bye Route.

Image via Twitter

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