Little Boy Discovers Shadow For The First Time: File Under Cute [Video]

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From this Friday morning's "Aww" department, we bring you a 19-month-old boy who didn't know he had a shadow before Tuesday. According to sources, he was later seen catching his shadow, giving Wendy a thimble, and flying around the room by thinking happy thoughts.


I'm a proud uncle many times over, and since I was a teen I've derived great joy from interacting with and helping raise our newest line of humans. Their process of discovery is so amusing. But enough talk, here's the vid.

The top quote from the YouTube page is brilliant (though it contains a bad word):
"That kid is going to shit right through his diaper when he finds a mirror," by user j2nice3.

According to his mom, Devin is learning to speak both English and Mandarin, in addition to finding out about shadows.

[Via Pleated Jeans. Image Cred: Disney]

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