Little Black Dresses Have Gone Green


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Little black dresses, a women's wardrobe staple since Coco Chanel first introduced them to the world decades ago, have now become eco-friendly. Thanks to scientists and designers collaborating to produce apparel and accessories made with recycled plastic, the LBD can now be purchased sustainably.

Jennifer Killinger, senior director of sustainability and public outreach for the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council, says, "Plastic fabrics and materials have played an essential role in fashion and everyday clothing for generations. And now it's easier than ever for consumers to find clothing and accessories in a broad range of styles that are made with recycled plastics. It's an eco-trend that's here to stay."

Several stores are now carrying clothing and accessories made from the used materials, and have been overwhelmingly popular. A fashionista's every desire is now available in a "green" form, from jewelry and handbags to dresses and jeans.

There are many trends that have cropped up within stores, such as bold patterns, colored denim, silver and gold hues, and faux leather, according to PR Newswire and the American Chemistry Council.

Recycled plastic clothing first hit the market in the 90s when fleece outerwear began being produced with the materials. Designers found that by using old plastic packaging to create jackets, they were able to reduce the heavy size that cold weather items were typically known for without sacrificing comfort and warmth.

Main image courtesy @plasticpossible via Twitter.