Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH Contract Sent Out, But Not Returned Signed?

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Lisa Vanderpump is keeping everyone guessing. The star of Vanderpump Rules and cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been playing coy about her return to the RHOBH fold lately. And the usual write-ups on inside sources are contradicting each other.

Vanderpump reportedly told Radar Online that she she may be too busy to return to RHOBH.

“I have a lot of things going on right now, but I have always been a business woman,” Lisa Vanderpump said.

Vanderpump points out that not only does she have her own show, but she is involved in other things, as well.

“I am also right in the middle of filming Vanderpump Rules which takes up quite a lot of my time at Sur,” she said. “It is all positive and it also gives me a platform to support the causes that I am passionate about. GLAAD being one of them.”

A Radar insider claimed, “She will be announcing her plans soon.”

On the other hand, TV Deets insists that their insider assures them that Lisa Vanderpump is among those conracted for the next season of RHOBH. The source claims that the contracts have been sent out.

But it is considered that the contract may very well be mailed out, but it has not been returned. In fact, that same source assured TV Deets that there was no way Brandi Glanville would not be back to RHOBH.

“No one likes working with Brandi but she brings controversy every season so it’s tough for Bravo to give her up entirely.”

But what do you know? Brandi is out. And some are saying that it is actually because of Lisa Vanderpump.

“She’s been let go,” a source told In Touch. “Bravo already has a replacement, but they aren’t announcing it yet.”

This source was specific that it was Vanderpump's wishes.

“Lisa wanted Brandi gone, and Bravo wants to keep her happy because of [her other show] Vanderpump Rules,” the source insisted.

Then came Lisa Vanderpump's own tweet reply about the firing of Glanville.

Might it be that Lisa Vanderpump is not coming back to RHOBH, but had enough pull to get Brandi Glanville canned anyway?

But then Lisa Vanderpump responded to one such report, saying it was "wrong."

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