Lisa Vanderpump Nervous About Fans' Response To 'RHOBH' Reunion Blow-Up

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Lisa Vanderpump feels some kind of way about the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

As a matter of fact, she's pretty apprehensive about how it will all play out.

According to US Weekly, sources close to the 53-year-old restaurateur have admitted that she's actually afraid of how fans react to the whole televised debacle.

"Lisa has been trying to spin everything in anticipation of the reunion not being good for her," the insider explained. "She's scared and concerned that people's opinions of her might change. She might come out of this no longer as the queen."

During the upcoming reunion episode, Vanderpump allegedly confronts her former gal pal Brandi Glanville in reference to claims about her being near bankruptcy. However, Glanville pushed the blame off on their RHOBH co-hort Kyle Richards. Glanville stated that she caught wind of the floating rumor from Richards. Then, of course, Richards denied Glanville's accusation!

"Lisa brought it up immediately at the reunion because she wanted to play the victim," the source told the publication. "No one hit below the belt, no one said something they shouldn't have said."

The source went on to reveal that the Vanderpump Rules star is only on friendly terms with her new co-stars Joyce Giraud de Ohoven and Carlton Gebbia. "She cycles through people," the source purported of her blowups and fallouts with Glanville, Yolanda Foster, and Kyle and Kim Richards.

Details were also spilled about a blowup between Vanderpump and Kim Richards during taping. The source revealed that Kim had no qualms about speaking her mind.

"For four years, all I've wanted is your approval because I've looked up to  you, and you have done nothing but thumb your nose at me,'" Kim said, according to the insider. "'It's really insulting that you've made me feel like s--t, and  that's why I have an issue with you."

Get ready for fight night! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is scheduled to air Mon., March 17 on Bravo!

Image via Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Facebook

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