Lisa Vanderpump: Back On TV Because She's Broke?

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are rejoicing over the news that Lisa Vanderpump, a fan favorite, has confirmed that she will be back for the show’s fifth season.

Vanderpump supposedly thought about skipping out on the series following a stressful fourth season. It looks like the reality TV star had a change of heart!

With all the other business ventures Vanderpump is working on, some are wondering why she’d make a return to the show. It’s largely assumed that participating in the Real Housewives series isn’t nearly as fulfilling as her other projects.

Even fans of Vanderpump noted she lacked any genuine enthusiasm about coming back to the show.

So what gives?

Well there is a bit of speculation that the reason Vanderpump is willing to return to the show is because she needs the extra cash.

The RHOBH star was recently blindsided by a $100,000 sexual harassment lawsuit, filed by a former waitress. A Los Angeles jury ruled in favor of plaintiff Karina Bustillos, who claimed that a manager called her degrading names, touched her inappropriately, and made a series of unwanted sexual advances.

What is raising eyebrows about the outcome of this case is that Vanderpump is shouldering all of the blame and ordered to pay out all of the money.

Strangely enough, the manager in question wasn't found financially liable at all despite being the actual culprit.

Vanderpump’s attorney told gossip news site TMZ, “We are in absolute shock at the amount of punitive damages that were awarded.”

Her lawyer was also surprised by the heavy financial payout expected in light of was described as a “lack of sufficient evidence”.

Said the attorney, “We plan to immediately file an appeal and are confident that we will prevail.”

The decision makes it seem as though the jury hoping to get at Vanderpump specifically. In any case, the reality TV star has said she intends to appeal the verdict.

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