Lisa Rinna Says Yolanda Foster Is Faking Lyme Disease

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Yolanda Foster was hurt when she learned that fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills member, Lisa Rinna, accused her of faking her Lyme disease to gain attention, and that she actually suffers from a psychological disorder that makes her think she is ill.

During the Tuesday episode of RHOBH, Foster confronted Rinna for spreading the gossip that she has Munchausen Syndrome, a psychological disorder in which a person pretends to be sick or exaggerates symptoms of illnesses for attention. Rinna allegedly heard that rumor from her hairdresser.

Foster was devastated that Rinna would link Munchausen Syndrome to her current health condition and said it was “the biggest f---ing blow I've ever had in my life... sorry is not enough.”

“You labeled Kim last year, you labeled Brandi (Glanville) and now you're labeling me,” Yolanda Foster told Rinna. Everyone gave their opinion and made Foster understand that they, too, were confused with her illness. In the end, they patched things up and showed support for their castmate although Rinna was not convinced that everything has been settled.

Foster spoke out about the rumors during Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Tuesday episode.

“Are you really going to listen to what the hairdresser says? If you’re my friend you should be saying ‘what are you talking about’,” Yolanda Foster told Cohen. She admitted that she was hurt because by bringing up Munchausen Syndrome, Rinna is clearly hinting that her costar just made up her disease.

“I’m sharing my journey to bring awareness to Lyme disease, and chronic invisible disease in general. I’m not sharing for a pity party or trying to get any special attention. I’m as frustrated with the disease as everybody else is … but I want answers, I want a cure,” she added.

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