Lisa Rinna, Co-stars Called "Desperate Housewives" By Harry Hamlin

Amanda Crum

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Lisa Rinna probably didn't count on having her marriage in jeopardy when she signed on to do The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but her husband, Harry Hamlin, says he has a divorce lawyer waiting in his phone contacts.

The actor was actually just joking, but he teases his wife hard about her decision to do the show, saying he has a nickname for the women she hangs out with.

"I call them desperate housewives around the house. I say 'Are you doing Desperate Housewives tomorrow?'" Hamlin said in a recent interview.

Hamlin may like to rib his wife about her job, but he has made an appearance on the show before and is no stranger to reality television; he did a few rounds of Dancing With The Stars before the physicality of the show caught up with him.

Rinna, meanwhile, is dealing with the loss of her father, Frank. The actress shared a photo on Instagram recently of her dad holding her as a baby. Lisa was obviously close to her dad and also shared snaps of the two of them on her wedding day, as well as some artwork of his.

"The World lost a Great Man today. Heaven got a great Angel. I love you Dad," Rinna wrote.

Just last month, Rinna took to her Bravo blog to write about her parents and how much they mean to her.

"It's so hard living as far from my aging parents as I do. As blessed as I feel to still have both of my parents here on this earth with me, it's hard to know that my dad just doesn't want to be here anymore. I thank God every day, though, that my family, particularly my mother, has such a good sense of humor about life," Rinna wrote.

Amanda Crum
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