Lisa Rinna And Kim Richards: Fight In Amsterdam Takes Feud To A Whole New Level

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Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards are at it again, and this time, it seems there will be no mercy.

On Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards quickly got out the gloves when Rinna questioned Richard's sobriety claims.

The whole fiasco started at Eileen's poker party.

While there, Lisa Rinna began to question Kim Richard's sobriety because she was acting erratically and slurring her words.

Lisa Rinna insisted that she only questioned because she was worried about Richards, but she was quickly swatted down.

This is all that matters. This is my life, my everything.

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Richards insisted, "I have been sober for three years, and my friends and family have never seen me like that. You have gone around to everyone and talked ... asking where I've gone to treatment, if I had a sponsor ... you want to bring up my stuff, let's talk about your home life."

To that, Lisa Rinna looked shocked, as though perhaps Kim Richards had hit a nerve.

When Eileen Davidson tried to step in to Lisa Rinna's defense, she wasn't spared Kim Richards' wrath, either. Richards told her to shut up. She also said she hates Davidson's "hair, face, attitude."

Ouch, that's a little petty. Evan for Kim Richards.

Davidson said, "I don't know where this hatred is coming from ... it's evil."

Then, Richards turned again to Lisa Rinna, again bringing up Rinna's husband, actor Harry Hamlin.

"You better watch what you talk about me, or everyone will know," she yelled. This was the last straw for Lisa Rinna who pick up a glass and tossed water on Richards. She then threw the glass at her, which shattered everywhere.

"Never go after my husband!" screamed Lisa Rinna, leaving the restaurant.

"Everyone will know!" Richards yelled back. "She can't lie about me, or I'll tell something that is true."

Wow. What a scene! I think if I saw these ladies in the restaurant I was in, I would want one of those splash guard things like they have at SeaWorld.

Even though Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards seemed to make up later, it just doesn't seem like it will last.

What did you think about Tuesday night's episode?

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