Lisa Marie Presley Gets Mixed Reviews

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It can't be easy to be the King's daughter. Not only does Lisa Marie have an enormous legacy to live up to musically, she's also been scrutinized her entire life because nothing she does is private.

Of course, she hasn't always chosen the most low-key ways to go about things; in 1994 she married Michael Jackson, perhaps the only other man in the world as famous as her father. The marriage lasted two years before she moved on to actor Nicholas Cage, which lasted a whopping 108 days.

But Presley is moving to stamp her mark on the music industry in a different way than she set out to with her first album, "To Whom It May Concern" (2003), which she says wasn't truly what she wanted to convey because it was full of defensive songs mixed with a bit of anger.

"I made a lot of defensive and angry songs, probably anticipating what was expected of me and fighting against it ... there was a lot of production and hiding behind things, not really wanting to lay myself out there because I was afraid or feeling too vulnerable," she said.

Her new album, "Storm and Grace", is released this week and represents what Presley calls the quiet, calmed down side of her. She references her father briefly on the album by way of the song "Sticks and Stones", touching on the fact that everyone expects her to live up to his name and talent, but for the most part it's pure Americana, and it's garnering good reviews so far.

Presley's performance on "American Idol" earlier this week, however, is getting some mixed reactions. It seems she will always have her detractors, no matter how much her father was universally loved...or perhaps because of it.

Lisa marie presley sang a beautiful song on #americanIdol , she had the daddy's air in her..
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Watching American idol .. Lisa Marie. Presley never heard her sing before ..?
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Lisa Marie Presley just "sang" on #Idol. My daughter said it "sounded like a funeral." #lookedlikeonetoo
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Lisa Marie Presley is like Lana Del Ray's momma... Musically.
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This is Lisa Marie Presley's first #Idol appearance, and apparently she's so thrilled she decided to dress like the undead.
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