Lisa Lampanelli Roasts Dayana Mendoza

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Outspoken comic Lisa Lampenelli has roasted many of her famous friends, including Flavor Flav (which may be my favorite appearance of hers ever), but they're always in good humor. "Celebrity Apprentice", however, brought out that famous brash wit with just a touch of pissed-off last night when team leader Dayana Mendoza got under her skin during their project.

Mendoza, a former Miss Universe, told Donald Jr. that teammate Clay Aiken did all the work on their project--which was to create a jingle--when the majority of the work was a collaboration by Aiken and Lampanelli. She also accused Lampanelli of being "as loud as possible" while they were working, something Lampanelli vehemently denied. Aiken backed up Lampanelli, saying the two of them did most of the work.

"This isn't necessarily in Dayana's wheelhouse, so a major bulk of the work has fallen on myself and Lisa," Clay told Donald Jr. when he came to check on the group.

Trump obviously sided with Lampanelli, as he heard everyone's story in the boardroom before firing the beauty queen.

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