Lisa Kudrow And Ex-Manager Battle Over Millions


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Lisa Kudrow testified in a Santa Monica, Calif. courtroom yesterday as to whether or not she owed her ex-manager Scott Howard a substantial amount of money.

Howard represented Kudrow during her highest level of fame: as an actress on the smash hit comedy, Friends.

Through negotiations as the series blew up in popularity, Kudrow was able to see her earnings balloon from $13,500 an episode to nearly several million dollars by the time the series ended in 2004.

Kudrow and Howard parted ways three years later.

The enraged ex-manager is now claiming the two had an “oral agreement” that Kudrow has since reneged on. According to Howard, Kudrow had promised that he would continue to receive 5% of profits earned from their time together even after their work relationship ended.

Before being fired, Howard saw his share of earnings cut from 10% to 5% as Kudrow stated that at the time she didn't think it was fair that Howard was earning more than the agents. Later during a conversation with Howard, Kudrow mentioned that everyone around her was letting go of their managers.

Said Kudrow, "I think I wanted him to know that having a manager was unnecessary."

Necessary or not, a deal is a deal as far as Howard is concerned. He is suing the actress for $1.8 million over fees that Howard feels he was denied despite Kudrow continuing to earn royalties.

Said Howard of the alleged verbal agreement, "I always believed that a personal handshake kind of cemented that personal relationship, and that anything more formal felt awkward.”

Awkward or not, something more formal such as a signed document may have made things easier on the former manager. Especially since Kudrow is telling a different story altogether.

According to the actress’s testimony, she promised Howard nothing beyond the first round of residuals.

Over $8 million is said to be at stake in the ongoing case.

Image via Wikimedia Commons