Lisa Edelstein Will Star In Upcoming Scripted Series On Bravo


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In newly announced television news, Lisa Edelstein will be starring in a new show that will air on Bravo. It will be the first scripted series to air on the network after several reality shows in recent years.

Bravo had been looking for the right scripted series for the past three years, and the network feels that they have found it with the new dramedy titled Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce. The show has just the right amount of comedy and drama, and can also be compared to its reality series in terms of subject matter.

Before the new Edelstein show, Bravo has been able to pull in audiences through their two flagship franchises, the Real Housewives franchise and Top Chef. In addition to Lisa Edelstein, the show will also star former stand-up comedian and comedy actress Jeneane Garofalo.

Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce will have a 13-episode season, and feature Edelstein in the role of Abby, a self-help book author in her early 40s. She continues to hide the fact that she is separated from her husband, and embarks on her new life as a single woman in LA, where she ends up seeking advice from her divorced friends, including the character played by Garofalo.

Frances Berwick, the president of Bravo and Oxygen Media, spoke of Lisa Edelstein's role when saying "Edelstein owns the role of Abby." She also expects that the audience will be able to relate to her well, with the country’s divorce rate hovering at 50 percent. The president wants viewers to stay tuned as they continue to develop new types of shows, and are looking to diversify their schedule.

Lisa Edelsetin is known to most people as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House M.D., but she has also appeared briefly on many other shows, and a handful of films. She began her television career in 1992 with an episode of L.A. Law, and has appeared other big shows such as The West Wing, Frasier, The Good Wife, and several others.

The new series is scheduled to premiere during the 2015 season, although the date is currently unknown. Berwick can see the show being able to pair up with a number of reality shows that they already have planned for the future schedule.

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