Lionfish Invasion: Recipe for Revenge

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There have been many reports about the out-of-control lion fish population in the Atlantic ocean along the east coast. The lionfish grows up to 18 inches long. Lionfish are skilled hunters known to eat just about anything they can fit in their mouths. There are estimates that about 70 percent of the Atlantic’s fish species are fair game for the fish and that at least 40 native species have suffered thanks to the over-population.

They are especially threatening to native coral and have been found with fatty livers from gorging so much on Atlantic Ocean natives.The vicious predator has no known predators. That is, except us.

They say that the only solution that will work is for people to start eating them. This idea is unsavory to some, what with the stripes and the poisonous spines and all.

So here are some recipes from around Pinterest to help get things started.


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