Lino Oviedo Dies In Crash: Paraguayan Presidential Hopeful Was 69

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Lino Oviedo, who was a candidate for the Paraguayan presidency, is dead after a tragic plane crash which also claimed the lives of his bodyguard and a pilot.

Oviedo was reportedly on his way home from a political rally, but few other details are being released. It is believed that bad weather was a contributing factor in the crash, and witnesses say they heard an explosion around the time of the accident. Authorities are loathe to be too descriptive due to the graphic nature of the deaths.

"One resident who lives near the accident scene said they heard a single explosion Saturday night," said Defense Minister Liz Garcia, who visited the crash site. "The aircraft ended up disintegrated and out of respect to the families of the victims, I won't release details about the cadavers."

Oviedo belonged to an opposition party known as the National Union of Ethical Citizens and led quite a controversial political career, including helping to overthrow a 35-year dictatorship and facing an indictment after being charged with organizing the assassination of Vice President Luis María Argaña. He served time in prison, but was eventually released and absolved of the charges. Because of his tumultuous career, some in his party believe that the plane crash is simply a cover-up for an assassination by those who would see him out of the political game.

Oviedo has one child in politics, a daughter named Fabiola Oviedo.

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