LinkedIn Today Gets a Redesigned Interface

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LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn's social news feed, has just debuted a new, redesigned interface. The new, blocky style seems to take its cue from the new LinkedIn iPad app, and makes it easy to scan through stories and see who shared them.

Joann Wu, the senior designer of user experience at LinkedIn, detailed the interface changes over on the LinkedIn Blog. Wu states that a major design principle for the new LinkedIn Today page was simplicity. She used words such as "elegant" and "delightful" to describe how the news reading experience should be for users. From the blog post:

One of the core focus areas for LinkedIn Today has been to design a user interface that is engaging and simple to use. The default magazine theme layout creates a nice page hierarchy that allows users to quickly scan and identify the most interesting and relevant news and content.

Below each article is the option to share it or save it for later, as well as a list of which of a user's network connections have shared the article. It's also easy for users to customize the types of stories they see on LinkedIn Today. The "Customize Your News" tab, seen below, allows users to chose from dozens of industries and categories to follow on the site.

LinkedIn Today customization page

The design of LinkedIn Today does seem "elegant," at least when compared with the jumble of the Facebook News Feed. The redesign is a good move for the professional networking social network, along with its recent focus on mobile. It fits with what LinkedIn's goal now seems to be: to keep users on the site even when they are not actively looking for a job or an employee.