LinkedIn Tightens Integration With Twitter

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LinkedIn users who are interested in what their professional contacts are thinking on a minute-to-minute basis should now find it much easier to track down their tweets.  Late yesterday, LinkedIn upgraded its Tweets application by improving the app's people-finding features.

That's right - no more having to go to Twitter and perform a search every time you forge a connection on LinkedIn.  Or worse yet, having to go to Twitter, perform a search, and sort through 2,031 Jim Smiths, comparing thumbnail pics and bios.

Now, as a post on the LinkedIn Blog explained, "A new module, 'Connections to Follow', has been added to recommend new people for you to follow, based on your LinkedIn connections."

What's more, "A new tab has been added to Tweets called 'Connections'.  On this screen, you can see all of your LinkedIn connections who have added Twitter accounts to their LinkedIn profiles.  Simple navigation is provided to make it easy to see who you are and aren't following on Twitter."

And finally, if you use other Twitter clients, LinkedIn can make a private Twitter list of all your connections to simplify the syncing process.

This improved ease of use may go a long way towards making LinkedIn's Tweets application more popular, and thereby help drum up a little more interest in both LinkedIn and Twitter.

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