LinkedIn Tests Direct Mention Links in Status Updates [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: LinkedIn is now beginning to roll out the feature out to all English-speaking users.

LinkedIn is currently testing user mentions, something that other networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have had for some time and that users rely on quite heavily. Simply put, user mentions in posts let the people you're talking about know that you're talking about them.

If you're currently part of the test, you'll see a new tip box on your status update box. It'll say "Now you can type a name to mention a member of company."

LinkedIn User Mentions

Typing a name of a person or a company prompts a drop-down menu with choices arranged with the most likely suggestions (your actual connections) at the top.

Like Facebook, the mentions simply appear as links to the users' profile inside the status. When someone mentions you in a post, you'll receive a notification.

Apart from the aforementioned ability to tip people off to your statuses, mentions give users browsing their feeds and easier way to check out other users.

A LinkedIn spokesperson told The Next Web:

“We are currently testing the ability for members to directly mention each other in professional conversations on LinkedIn. This test is part of our ongoing efforts to help members further engage with their networks in meaningful ways across the LinkedIn platform.”

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