LinkedIn Matches Newspapers As Job Search Tool For Students

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Newspapers have proven to be surprisingly resilient on many college campuses.  There's almost always a school paper, for example, and different groups of students are drawn to other publications.  But in a real victory for LinkedIn, its professional network has now caught up with newspapers in terms of what students intend to use as a job search tool.

Career center website specialist Experience Inc. and "employee recognition solution" I Love Rewards determined this by surveying 8,088 U.S. students, and to make things fair, the students were targeted for age, gender, and region from a database of people at over 100,000 universities.

We should note, though, that it was an online survey, so newspapers fans would be within their rights to argue that the results could have been skewed.

Anyway, Experience Inc. and I Love Rewards stated in a report released this week, "Only 28% of respondents (down 6% from the year prior) indicated that they plan to search for a job through newspaper ads.  The same proportion of respondents (up a whopping 21% from the year prior) intends to seek work through LinkedIn, an online resource that is fast replacing the conventional resume."

Those findings speak to impressive growth on LinkedIn's part.  Even if Facebook's still where lots of students spend the majority of their time online, LinkedIn's at least gotten many individuals' attention when it comes to professional matters.

Count on LinkedIn repeating the stats a time or two, then, if/when it comes time for the company to at last go public.